Christ Church CofE Primary School

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School Council

School Council gives every pupil in our school a voice

Our School Council is a group of children who gather to discuss, plan, review and evaluate issues and project ideas throughout our school. The School Council consists of pupils who have been elected from each class throughout KS2. The main purpose is to give pupils the opportunity to express themselves and get a chance to make important decisions.


Members of School Council meet regularly to share ideas, information and suggestions from their class and listen to the views from other pupils. They cover a range of topics including making improvements to raising money for charity. School Council have the opportunity to be key representatives of the school and will sometimes attend external meetings with other schools and providers.


The current School Council initiative is a focus on how to make our school safe online. Elected members have already delivered an assembly about the importance of keeping safe online and have further plans to record a video. They have also represented our school at meetings alongside other schools and during a trip to Tesco in support of our Community Grant nomination. The School Council have big plans for Christ Church and we know that with their hard work and determination they can make our school even more amazing.