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Christ Church Curriculum

Curriculum aims


Our curriculum is underpinned by our core Christian values of Friendship, Thankfulness, Peace, Trust, Forgiveness, Compassion and Hope which are embedded in the life of the school and its community. These values permeate through the curriculum and support the children to become the very best versions of themselves. We aspire for our pupils to be good Christians, positive members of the community, role models that others may follow, healthy, happy and safe and to continue on their journey into the world as good citizens.

At Christ Church we have developed a rich and balanced curriculum for all pupils. Our curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced towards cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills for future learning and employment. Our aims are not only to fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum but also to provide all children with the ability to:

  • read and to be able to access a range of reading materials
  • communicate with others both through written and spoken form
  • write using Standard English - correct spelling, grammar, punctuation
  • solve problems and reason about maths
  • calculate efficiently using a range of mental and formal methods
  • be curious about the world around them and about their place in it now and in the future
  • discover life-long passions and interests
  • learn about their own faith and the faiths of others

We ensure equal access to learning for all pupils, with high expectations for every pupil and appropriate levels of challenge and support. Reading sits at the heart of our curriculum; enabling pupils to access the key to their future successes. Vocabulary development also takes priority and in order to achieve this, our knowledge organisers and plans have been meticulously developed by staff and subject leaders over time to ensure key knowledge; skills and vocabulary are not only taught and learnt but embedded and built upon for every topic in every subject across school. These expectations are shared with the children and with the parents at the start of every half term. Parents are invited to work with their children on a home-school links project, giving the children opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills learnt in school, in a creative way at home. Parents are invited to a range of planned events throughout the school calendar, fostering positive relationships and reflecting our Together We Can ethos.

You can read more about our curriculum in our Curriculum Policy in the Key Information Section.

You can find out more about the National Curriculum for Primary Schools by following this link: