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Bronze Health and Wellbeing Award

We have worked hard over the past year to achieve our Bronze Health and Wellbeing Award in which we focused on our pastoral care towards our pupils especially during Covid.

This year we continue to work towards achieving the silver award which will include a focus on health and hygiene - in particular healthy lifestyles including packed lunches and dental hygiene. We look forward to working together with parents and carers to achieve these important goals.

CORAM Life PSHE Workshops


Megan (and Harold!) from Life Education visited our school during the Spring term and we enjoyed participating in a range of workshops designed to develop our understanding of the PSHE curriculum . The focus of these workshops was tailored specifically to suit each Year group, covering a range of topics such as; the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise on the body, the effects of alcohol and tobacco, legal and illegal drugs, how to understand and help our own feelings and mental health and how to build, recognise and maintain positive relationships.


Take a look at some of the photographs from our workshops.

Dentist Visit 


In line with our healthy well-being initiative, we want to support and promote dental health and general hygiene in our school.  


Our Infant children had a visit from a local dentist. The dentist discussed and promoted the importance of looking after our teeth, how to brush teeth effectively and how healthy food and drinks (which have less sugars) can protect dental health in the long term.  


Each child was provided with a dental well-being pack, which included:  

  • Tooth brush  
  • Tooth paste  
  • 2-minute timer  
  • Tooth brushing worksheets and information pack 


Our children found these sessions fun and engaging and were very eager to collect their pack and practise brushing their teeth reguarly at home!



'Together We Can' Curriculum

We work hard to develop our own unique and specific way for teaching Values and to respond to the needs of our children and their wellbeing. In this way, children and staff come together each term to work collectively on a whole school project for example: ‘Belonging Week’, ‘Together as One Week’, ‘Little Me, Big Dreams Project’ and most recently, our Kindness week - examples of which you can see below. These whole school projects give both pupils and staff the opportunity for discussion, reflection and worship as a whole school community.

During such projects, teachers facilitate values activities; helping pupils to connect with their own values and live them. Pupils talk about and build upon skills such as relationships, aspirations, diversity and mental health and the aim is to give pupils a greater understanding of the world and their place within it.

The children also learn and practise mindfulness techniques – being aware of thoughts and feelings as they happen, in the present moment. Quality story books are carefully selected to use during these projects to give pupils a greater understanding of the issues discussed. Pupil voice is of great importance at Christ Church and we also use the projects as a forum for when we want to ask children’s opinions on many aspects of school life.

Kindness Workshop 


During Autumn term we have celebrated Kindness Week at Christ Church.  We spent the week focusing on how we can be kind to ourselves and spread kindness throughout our school.  We  enjoyed developing a deeper understanding of kindness and looking at all the ways we can make our world a kinder place.


On Monday we started the week by celebrating Odd Socks Day.  We all came to school wearing odd socks to show that we are all different and unique.  We spent the day celebrating each other's differences and individuality.


We enjoyed reading Big Panda and Tiny Dragon by James Norbury.  This beautiful book is filled with positive, inspirational messages on how we can spread kindness and throughout our lives and work together to build a better world.  We were inspired by the stunning illustrations in the book and enjoyed creating some of our own artwork.


On Thursday Krish from 52 Lives - School of Kindness came to visit.  He told us all about the amazing work 52 Lives do to help people around the world.  During our workshops we enjoyed creating Christmas cards for anybody who might need some kindness this year.  We wrote messages inside that will hopefully help to make someone's day a little better.