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Welcome to the Nurture Base page!



The Nurture Base day consists of two sessions - KS1 in the morning and KS2 in the afternoon.

We have a general template of how the sessions go but these change a lot depending on how the children are when they arrive and if they have any issues they want to talk about. If this is the case we leave our own session plans and work with the specific needs of the children.

The session always start with any news the children would like to share and how they're feeling and why.

We then move on to some form of snack - toast, yoghurt or fruit and a drink in the morning and a biscuit, yoghurt or fruit and a drink in the afternoon.  During this time we encourage the children to talk - if the children come up with a topic we will go with that (if it's reasonable) or we will bring a subject into the conversation.

With KS1 we then move on to a practical based maths activity - working in line with what the children are doing in class and then a nurture activity - feelings, how we treat others, taking turns, making/being friends etc.

All the activities are fun and mostly practical and the children enjoy taking part.

With KS2 we just do a nurture activity - again using the same kind of basis as above but on a slightly different level to suit the children's needs better.

Then to finish off each session, we have some kind of game played as a group to encourage speaking/listening, turn taking, learning how to lose etc.

At the very end of each session we reflect on what we have done and what we have learnt or will take from the session.

With the KS1 we end with a story and a short prayer (the children take turns to lead the prayer).