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COVID-19 Information

3K (Miss Kent) Closure until Tuesday 20th October

Having taken advice from the DfE, we can inform you that due to a positive test result 3K will be closed until Tuesday 20th October - (This is 14 days after the member of the bubble first displayed symptoms or was tested). Pupils in 3K should isolate at home until that date, however siblings should continue to come to school.  Children can return to school on Wednesday 21st October.


Work will be set via our online learning platform Purple Mash-

The link is below the message.


It can be found via the link above or 'Miss Kent' in the 'Sharing' section. If you have any issues accessing this please contact the office. 


If your child is eligible for a free school meal. A food pack will be available from the school office. We will require 24 hours to prepare these.


As always if your child or a member of your household displays the symptoms, please do not send them to school and inform the school office.


Thank you for your patience and understanding this morning. We will always endeavour to give you the information as soon as possible.

Covid-19 Update-


This morning, there was understandable confusion at the gate after the latest government update for the Liverpool region.


We would like to clarify-

  • If your child displays any symptoms they must not attend school
  • If anyone in your household displays symptoms your child must not attend school
  • If anyone in your household is self-isolating or displaying symptoms they must not drop off or collect- this includes siblings
  • When dropping off and collecting children we request that you wear a face covering unless you are medically exempt.

We appreciate your cooperation and support as we try to make school as normal and safe as possible for our children, families and staff.

Coronavirus Update- 24th September-


Thank you for all your cooperation with wearing face masks and social distancing around school.


We understand this can be an anxious time for us all. We would like to reassure parents that we closely follow DfE and Public Health England's advice around keeping our children and families safe in school. We will provide up-to-date information regarding your child's bubble and closure through the school's app and website and  would politely ask that you refrain from social media posts that may cause further concern.


If a member of your household displays coronavirus symptoms your child must not attend school. You should contact the school immediately and you will be advised to book a test as soon as possible. Your child cannot attend school for 14 days unless you receive a negative test result. This applies to any siblings. Year group bubbles will only need to close where a child has had a positive test result and was present at school whilst symptomatic. Further information can be found on the government's Coronavirus website-


If you have any question please do not hesitate to speak to the office of a member of staff at the gate.

Covid- 19 Safety Measures Latest


Thank you for your patience and understanding over our first few weeks. There are lots of changes to school life but we appreciate your cooperation to ensure that everyone is as safe as possible at Christ Church and in our community.



  • If your child or a member of your household displays any of symptoms of Coronavirus symptoms, they should not attend school. The symptoms are- 
      • a high temperature
      • a new, continuous cough
      • a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste
  • Please contact the school office for further advice


Social Distancing

  • Please respect the 1+ distancing when dropping off and picking up- Be considerate to others
  • Stick to our staggered timings and try as much as possible not to be too early or late
  • If you feel that maintaining a safe distance is difficult, adults can wear masks when dropping off and picking up
  • Be mindful of spacing in smaller spaces such as the KS1 gate and the path outside Y3

Items from home

  • Children can bring wipe clean lunch boxes and water bottles
  • On PE days, children can bring trainers in a plastic bag- They should wear their usual school shoes- We do not need PE kits yet
  • Please do not send soft back packs and book bags- We will be introducing some online home reading and timetables this week

As the guidance and advice is updated, we will look to review our risk assessments and measures and communicate any changes through the app, our website, social media and the newsletter. If you are unsure about any of the information, please speak with the school office or a member of staff at the gate.