Christ Church CofE Primary School

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The Queen's Jubilee

To celebrate the Queen's special day, KS1 and KS2 created a Jubilee timeline displaying the seven decades of Her Majesty's reign.  Each year group received a decade where they explored major events, music, fashion and art.  Classes were able to visit the timelines and identify the key events they had been learning in class.

Explorers Workshop


Year 2 enjoyed taking part in a History workshop all about some of the world's most famous explorers. During their interactive workshop, they travelled back in time to explore the lives of Neil Armstrong and Amy Johnson and imagined what it would have felt like to be such a significant individual.  



The Great Fire of London Workshop


Year 1 have enjoyed taking part in a History workshop all about The Great Fire of London, led by Divergent Drama. The children took part in the interactive workshop and enjoyed using props to create scenes from the event. They learnt lots of interesting facts about how the fire started, how it was finally put out and what happened afterwards.  



Heritage Walk 


Year 2 have enjoyed visiting Derby Park to take part in a Heritage Walk, led by a local park ranger. The children explored the different areas of the park and learnt all about its history. They looked at some pictures of the park from the past and compared them to what the park looks like now. The children learnt some interesting facts about the different heritage features and enjoyed drawing pictures of them.