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The Victorians

We began studying the Victorians by creating questions that we wanted to find the answer to.

Some of the best questions were:

Are there still any Victorian buildings standing today? - Liam W

How was the school different? - Jack

Why did Queen Victoria not give rights to women when she was one? - Luke



We then created a timeline of the events from 1837, when Victoria became queen, to 1901, when she died. We were given blank cards and had to research the dates for the different events using the laptop. Try our favourite site by clicking the link below!

Trip to Christ Church

On Thursday 2nd October, Year 5 and 6 walked to Christ Church so that we could find out more about the church in the Victorian times. Reverend Rich was very knowledgeable about the church in this time period and was able to answer lots of our questions. You can see some of the questions we asked and facts we found out below.





Were people more religious then?

More people went to church, Christ Church was for the rich and the YMCA was for the poor. 

What did people wear to church in the Victorian times?

People wore their best clothes to church. Men were not allowed to wear their hat in church but women had to.

Who built the church?

The Mather family in memory of their daughter Sophie.

How long did a church service last?

Services lasted for around 1 hour and 45 minutes. Sometimes people fell asleep and were woken up by a sharp jab, from the church warden holding a pole!