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Summer 2

We have been reading Michael Morpurgo’s ‘A Giant’s Necklace’ in class recently where the story is set in Zennor, Cornwall. Michael describes Boat Cove beautifully so we looked at images of the beach, created our own word bank by stealing rich vocabulary from the text, using dictionaries, thesauri and our own imagination and then wrote our own descriptions using powerful adjectives and verbs.






This week we decided to change our description of the beach froma tranquil, idyllic setting to one that you would prefer to avoid! We read the poem by James Reeves called 'The Sea' in which he uses the metaphor of a hungry dog to describe the sea gnawing and rolling. We then read a description of a stormy sea which gave us some ideas for using other similes, metaphors and personification. We created our own word bank, practised super sentences with a focus on conjunctions and powerful vocabulary and planned our own description by listening to sounds of a storm as well as looking at pictures of a beach in a storm.


Obviously, we continued our reading of Morpurgo's 'The Giant's Necklace' which continues to keep us hooked. We are at the part where a storm has turned Cherry's ( the main character) world upside down and we are unsure whether she will survive! Morpurgo used excellent metaphors to describe the sea such as a monster and white horses. We also enjoyed reading a story which had a surprisingly similar setting and story line. It is called 'The Sands of Time' and is written by a ten year old girl named Clara Cowan; she is the winner of the BBC Radio 2 500 words short story competition. She is an amazing author and her story is both intriguing, clever and thought-provoking. We think we should enter next year! Check out her story in the link in our super work section.

The Sea is a Hungry Dog - extended metaphor poem by James Reeves