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Spring Term

Horrible Histories - Groovy Greeks
Liverpool Empire Theatre 


In Year 3, we have been learning about the Ancient Greeks this past term. On Thursday 31st March 2016 we travelled to the Liverpool Empire Theatre to watch an exhilarating performance of the Horrible History show, The Groovy Greeks.

Along with the four main characters on stage and the voice of Zeus, we travelled from Sparta to Athens learning about historical figures and events from Ancient Greece. We found out lots about the Persians and Trojans as well as the Olympic Games and Greek Gods in a very humorous two hour performance.

The second half of the show surprised us when we were provided with glasses to experience the 3D special effects. This helped us to get a real feel for the Spartan soldiers at war as spears flew towards us!
Can you spot us sporting our 3D glasses below?


Keeping Traditions Concert - Philharmonic Hall


On Wednesday 16th March 2016 the children in Year 3 were privileged to be invited to a special Key Stage 2 concert at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. The title of the concert was Keeping Traditions and together with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra we explored traditional songs from around the world. The orchestra treated us to various folk traditions from different countries such as England, Argentina, Hungary and America. The concert was very enjoyable and the children loved the opportunity to experience the thrill and excitement of a world class orchestra.

As well as listening to the orchestra perform an engaging programme, the children were introduced to each individual instrument of the orchestra. They listened intently as we found out how they were played and the type of sounds they produced.

In preparation for the event the children had been learning the song ‘Frisco Bay’ in class. When the time came the children felt honoured to sing alongside the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and as always they sang beautifully.

All the children had a fantastic time. Luke from 3D said, “My favourite part was when the kettle drum played during the song we performed because it reminded me of the elephants." Also, Sophie from 3L said, "I really enjoyed singing Frisco Bay with the orchestra because I got to stand up in the Philharmonic Hall and let my voice be heard."

We are very proud of all the children who attended the trip, not only for their excellent behaviour but also for appreciating the music so thoughtfully.