Christ Church CofE Primary School

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In the Summer Term we have been looking at light in science. We have thought about different light sources that give off light as well as the effects of light on transparent or opaque objects. We also looked at how mirrors work and investigated reflection in the playground by trying to follow a line only looking at the reflection above our heads on a mirror. As well, we've investigated which materials reflect light by using torches to see if light bounces back off them and have written secret messages to our friends to try and decode their reflections in the mirrors.

Here's some photos of us investigating how mirrors work by following lines in the playground and writing secret messages to each other.

Forces and Magnets


In the Spring Term we learnt about forces and magnets. Initially we started by thinking about forces such as push or pull forces. We investigated these using play dough and different motions. Later we learnt about friction and how it works as well as, magnets repelling or attracting. We investigated the strength of different magnets by seeing how many metal paper clips each magnet could hold. We also thought about magnetic fields and sorted materials into magnetic or not magnetic properties.

Here's some photos of us investigating push and pull forces, magnetic fields and also learning about attraction of magnets. 



In the Autumn Term we learnt lots of fabulous facts about rocks. We carried out many investigations to find out different things about rocks such as the porosity of different rocks and the effect of erosion. We also learnt about chalk being a rock and how it is formed and used.

Here's some photos of us being scientists testing the effect of water erosion on rocks.