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Knowledge and Understanding

Spring Term at Nursery.


We began our Spring Term in nursery by welcoming some new friends to Nursery, we had fun getting to know each other and helping our new children to settle in. We learnt about Winter and had great fun exploring ice and snow in our sensory tray, we used these experiences to develop our language skills. Nursery have enjoyed taking on roles in our home corner and Chinese restaurant role play areas and have been learning to play cooperatively with their friends. We have also been exploring another culture whilst learning about Chinese New Year. After the half term holiday we look forward to exploring a range of Traditional tales such as the 3 Little Pigs as our next topic.

Spring Term in Nursery.

Spring Term in Nursery. 1 Exploring ice in the sensory tray.
Spring Term in Nursery. 2 A fantastic model of Alton Towers.
Spring Term in Nursery. 3 Melting blocks of ice to free the jewels.
Spring Term in Nursery. 4 Exploring colour and colour mixing using ice.
Spring Term in Nursery. 5 Exploring different textures.
Spring Term in Nursery. 6 Scooping and pouring with rice.
Spring Term in Nursery. 7 Getting creative! A super dancing dragon puppet.
Spring Term in Nursery. 8 Exploring rhythm when ribbon dancing to music
Spring Term in Nursery. 9 Taking on roles in the Chinese Restaurant.
Spring Term in Nursery. 10 Exploring movement to music.
Spring Term in Nursery. 11 Experiencing new tastes at our Chinese Banquet.
Spring Term in Nursery. 12 Sensory fun with foam and arctic animals.

Autumn Term

This term our topic is 'Ourselves'. We have been exploring the areas in our new classroom and the garden too. We have been learning how to use our toys and play nicely with our friends, we have been learning how to tidy up our Nursery too. At snack time we have been learning how to wash our hands properly to get rid of germs. Over the coming weeks we will be talking about the things that make us special and unique.


Exploring our Nursery environment.

Exploring our Nursery environment. 1 Imaginary play.
Exploring our Nursery environment. 2 Taking on new roles in the cafe.
Exploring our Nursery environment. 3 Building train tracks.
Exploring our Nursery environment. 4 Enjoying snack with new friends.
Exploring our Nursery environment. 5 Fun in the garden.
Exploring our Nursery environment. 6 Sensory play in the sand.
Exploring our Nursery environment. 7 Playing with new friends.
Exploring our Nursery environment. 8 Making wonderful creations.
Exploring our Nursery environment. 9 Tidying up our toys.
Exploring our Nursery environment. 10 Having fun in the garden.
Exploring our Nursery environment. 11 Taking on familiar roles in the role play.