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Home Learning

Summer Term

We hope all of our lovely nursery children and their families are still safe and well at home. Since it has been quite a while now since we were all in nursery together we have updated our website with some new challenges for our children to do to help keep them busy, these do not need to be completed but are just to give ideas. We have also added some fun scavenger hunts which the children may enjoy.

Take care, stay safe and we hope to see you all again soon.

Nursery staff.

Nursery Summer Challenge

Make a bird feeder from an old milk bottle!


Fill this with bird seed and hang it outside. I wonder how many birds will use it?

Go on a nature walk to the park, what can you see? Hear? Smell? Count the birds you spot, or the bugs you find!

Read a story with someone that you love! Talk about what you liked in the story. What was the best part? Were there any parts you didn’t like?  Who were the characters?

Try one of the scavenger hunts listed on the nursery website in the Home Learning section.

Make a boat using cartons and tubs and test it out in the bath or paddling pool… will it float? or sink?

Practise writing your name if you will be starting Reception this year.


Grow a rainbow!

Colour rainbow stripes using felt pens along two sides or a piece of kitchen roll, place each end in a cup of water and watch your rainbow grow!

Put on a show for your family.

Can you sing a favourite song or nursery rhyme? Do a dance? Or show off another talent!

Make a card or picture and give it to someone to brighten their day, maybe a friend, family member or neighbour?

Draw around and cut out your family members handprints…who has the biggest and smallest hands? Can you order these by size? Finally you could stick them on top of each other to make a lovely artwork!

Loo roll crafts!

What can you make out of an empty loo roll? A bunny? A caterpillar? A ladybird? A butterfly?

Play a board game!

Great for learning how to take turns and follow the rules.

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