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Gardening Club

Gardening Club is now up and running for any children in Years 4 and 5.



At the first meeting we established what we wanted to achieve through the club and we walked around the school grounds top see what opportunities the grounds would offer.

We decided that the woodland area by KS2 yard would be a good area to make a Bug Hotel and the planters in KS2 yard would be the area that we could grow vegetables and flowers.

We finished off our first meeting by chitting our seed potatoes prior to planting.



This week we were very busy planting a variety of seeds. This ranged from carrots, mange tout and cucumbers to sweat peas and sunflowers. We planted the seeds in compost in rows of trays with each row labelled. For the time being the seeds will left in Mr Nichols classroom until the frosty nights are over..



Cancelled as Mr Nichols was on a course. However the seedlings are being watered at regular intervals.



Another busy afternoon with the added pleasure of being able to plant our potatoes in the sunshine. The potatoes have now chitted,  the tuber have sprouted. So in special harvesting sacks the seed potatoes are now in compost. We also made our own homes for some local worms. We did this so that we can see how worms live. Using plastic bottles as the home we placed layers of soil and sand and some used tea bags for food. We then dug for worms and put them in their new homes!



The broad beans have grown too big for their trays so today were replanted into a bigger pot!

We have also sown some baby carrots and some runner beans in our own individual pots so that we can see who will be each weeks 'Star Grower'.

We also started the preparations for making next weeks Bug Hotel!



Last meeting before Easter so we took this as an opportunity to rehouse the seedlings into bigger pots. Now the seedlings are big enough to handle we replanted them, making sure that they have plenty of space to grow in their new homes. This process is called thinning out. As you can see by the photos Mr Nichols classroom is filling up with pots! Which hopefully after Easter we will plant outside, when space has been made! That is the first job back, to clear out the raised beds! 



As the raised beds have still got some spring flowers in them we are waiting for them to die down before we clear the beds. Therefore today we made a bug hotel in a secluded corner not far from the pond. We stacked a couple of wooden pallets on top of each other and then filled the areas inside and on top of the pallets with different materials which will hopefully encourage bugs and wild life to congregate there.



The runner beans are shooting along nicely, so today we replanted them and made a tripod out of bamboo for the beans to grow up.

After that we went into the woodland area by the pond. Here we cleared a space free of weeds so that we could plant some special seeds.We had been given some poppy seeds which originated from Flanders Fields. We also had some seeds which the public have been encouraged to sow to make new habitats for bees. These were wildflower seeds, but as we planted them by hand that is an oxymoron.

We will be keeping a close eye on our new flower bed to see  if bees and butterflies are attracted to the flowers.



Today was a day for getting our hands dirty! We have started to clear our raised beds in preparation for rehoming our vegetables. First of all we cleared away the plants and grasses from the surface. When the surface was clear we then had to dig up all the bulbs and roots to ensure the soil was ready for the runner beans, broad beans and sweat peas which will be going in there over the next couple of weeks. The bulbs we dug up we will replant around the school, the vegetation we removed went into the compost bin.