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Gallery Archive 2013/2014

World Book Day 2014


For world book day this year, children came to school with their favourite book, a pair of slippers, a pillow or cushion and a teddy.


First thing in the morning, they made their way to the KS1 hall, passing some very strange clues...

Then they shared a story 'The Giants Loo Roll' by Nicholas Allan retold by our very own Mr Bowen. Following this, children enjoyed a day of reading for pleasure. Children were also busy planning and designing their classroom reading areas.

Drumming Performance - Years 3 and 6.


Children showed off their djembe drumming and singing skills to parents and the rest of Key Stage 2. What a show!

Children displayed their symbols of peace at the Remembrance Assembly.

We Remember

by Abby Limb (age 10)



Poppies on shirts everywhere just look around,


The petals as red as blood covering the battle ground.


We can’t save their lives as much as we would like to try,


We look up and see their spirits rise into the sky.


We look to the blue sky up above,


This is the day we send our love.


The 11th of November the day we all know,


People with poppies standing row upon row.


The day we lift our head’s up high,


Just to say our final good bye.