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Family Learning - Maths Workshop for Year 3 & 4

There will be a series of maths workshops for children and parents in Y3 & Y4, starting next term. These are designed to help you support your child's progress at home. Do you find the new methods confusing? Come along and learn together with other parents and children. 
This programme will run over 10 Mondays. An adult tutor will help you with your own Maths skills, then I will show you the methods your child uses in class, followed by a delicious lunch provided each week and then your child will join you for part of the afternoon to work with you. Alongside this, I will have 'booster sessions' with the children on Tuesdays, where I work on any weaknesses they have. This all adds up to good fun and good progress. The benefits to both yourself and your child are enormous.
Places are limited. A letter will be sent home with a reply slip requesting a place. The workshops will take place in the Parents' Room, beginning on Monday 22nd April 2013, for the follwing 10 weeks.
I look forward to hearing from you.