Christ Church CofE Primary School

together we can...


During our English lessons we have been reading 'How to Catch a Star' by Oliver Jeffers. So far we have written our own version of the story, star poetry and this week we created freeze frames to show how the boy is feeling at different moments in the story ready to write a diary entry. The first freeze frame shows the boy feeling fed up and lonely. He his looking out of his window wishing he had a star of his very own. The second freeze frame shows the boy carrying out the cunning plans he thought up to catch a beautiful, shining star. Finally, the last freeze frame shows the boy's happiness, thankfulness and love for the star he eventually caught.

As Oliver Jeffers is our Author focus, we went on a magical trip to Oliver Jeffers World in Calderstones Park. We have been engrossed in Oliver Jeffers books so this was a really amazing trip for us to go on.


At the moment we have been reading ‘Lost and Found’ and so we were amazed to find that some rooms in the mansion had been transformed into settings from the book so we were able to step into the pages of the book and live the story. We began in the boy’s bedroom, where all of his red and white stripy jumpers were hanging in his wardrobe. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. We slowly opened the door to find a penguin standing on the door step! It was magical. The story continued from there. Like the boy, we raced down to the Lost and Found Office to ask if anybody had lost a penguin and then we got in our rowboat and courageously rowed to the South Pole to deliver the penguin home. Finally, we realised the penguin was lonely and wanted a friend so the day ended with the boy and penguin hugging, just like the book.