Christ Church CofE Primary School

together we can...


Bog Baby!



Mrs Wright saw our Bog Baby in her back garden (swinging in the bluebells!) She went to get a bucket to bring him back to school but when she came back he had gone. 


We decided to write to him to tell him how much we missed him in class.  Mrs Wright will put the letters in her garden for him to read...fingers crossed he comes back!



This term we are exploring the book Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis.  We received a letter from Professor Bog Baby telling us that Bog Babies have been spotted in Christ Church! She asked us if we could find them so we decided that the best place to look would be the Nature Garden (because Bog Babies love ponds, trees and plants) We put on our coats and set off to explore...





Guess what?


We found a Bog Baby in Christ Church!


He was hiding up a tree, looking a bit scared. We very gently took him out of the tree and took him back to class.  We put him in a bucket with some cotton wool, shells and marbles (just like Chrissie in the story) to make him feel at home.  We made sure we kept our classroom nice and quiet (mostly!) so that we didn't scare him, Bog Babies don't like loud noise.