Christ Church CofE Primary School

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Art and Design

In Art and Desgin, we have been exploring work by the famous impressionist painter Monet. We learnt about Monet’s life and the key features of impressionist painters. We have explored different ways to use water colours, on different materials, and explored different mediums which resist water colours. We have all tried to replicate his famous water lilies under a bridge scene. 


In science, we have learnt lots about electricity! We’ve set up simple circuits, investigated switches, found out which materials are conductors or insulators and learnt about how electricity gets into our homes and the importance of electrical safety. Here’s some photos of us enjoying setting up electrical circuits for the first time!


In music, we loving going over to the studio to explore the different instruments and learn about different songs, artists and genres. We can’t wait until drumming starts for us again in Spring B! 

Museum of Liverpool Trip

Year 4 had a fantastic trip to the Museum of Liverpool to aid their history and geography learning. They had the chance to become archaeologists and made their own discoveries about Liverpool and the surrounding areas. They carried out excavations of Roman, Viking, Tudor or Victorian sites and learnt about the importance of evidence and investigating the finds. They also had a chance to explore the museum and exhibitions. Everyone had a great day and we are really proud of the children’s engagement and behaviour throughout the trip. 


Year 4 are learning about the Romans in history. We’ve looked at how they fit into time in chronological order and the impressiveness of their army and soldiers. We made our own shields in the style of the Romans. Have a look below to see is making our shields. 


We love using Purple Mash for computing in 4D! (Remember you can always login at home and complete tasks from your home computer too). We have really enjoyed looking at spreadsheets, internet safety and coding. We also like being able to practice our spellings using the fun games on Purple Mash!