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Autumn Term



In Science this term we have been exploring and investigating different forces including the

forces from a magnet. We used our scientific skills to investigate which surface is the best for a car to travel on. We have also thoroughly enjoyed our hands on experiments with magnets and discovering how they work.


In year 3 we are very lucky as we are given the opportunity to learn how to play the drums. Each week we learn new techniques then put these together to create new songs. It has been great fun and we are improving week by week! Take a listen. What d0 you think?


This term we have thoroughly enjoyed learning a range of new skills in our DT topic. This term’s topic has been inspired by the Great British Bake Off where the children have enjoyed designing and making their own monster cakes which have all helped lead up to our Christ Church Bake off. 3H have used their own designs to design a class ‘Showstopper’ to represent their class in the Christ Church Bake off.

As pat of our next DT project we enjoyed learning the new skill of sewing. As part of a Christmas theme, we researched fabric Christmas decorations and used these to design our own. Take a look at how we've used our sewing skills to create some great decorations.


This term year 3 have been introduced to their class value ‘Trust’. They have thought about what trust means to them and who they can trust in the world. Together they went on to write their own trust poem.

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For History this term we have learnt about the Stone Age period and what life was like back the. We used lots of different sources to help collect different information including some cave art that was found during that time. To help increase our knowledge of the people during that time and really immerse ourselves in the topic, we had a Stone Age day where we went digging like archaeologists, became hunter gatherers and created our own cave art.


This terms Spanish has been great fun as we have learnt lots of new phrases from numbers and colours to how to ask for certain foods. As part of a whole school celebration of Spanish, everyone took part in a Spanish day where we dressed up and learnt lots of new phrases and things about the country Spain. We enjoyed tasting different Spanish foods, using Picasso as inspiration to create our own abstract portraits and learn some Spanish dancing.

Spring Term


This term we have been enjoying learning about the Ancient Greeks and how the they lived their lives. We have learnt how the Ancient Greeks have affected our lives today and the different things they have given us. To celebrate all of the things that the Ancient Greeks brought us such as the theatre and the Olympics, we enjoyed spending the day performing the play 'Perseus and the Gorgon's head' as well as being part of our own Greek Olympics.


This term science topic is Light. Through lots of investigations and observations, we have discovered how we cannot see without light and what the best reflective materials are to make our book bags more visible. We have also enjoyed finding out about how shadows are formed and how we can change their size.

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