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Spring Term


In Science this term we are learning all about animals including humans.


We are looking at animal babies and how they grow and also how humans change as they grow.

We are also beginning to understand how important it is for humans and animals to eat a balanced diet and exercise to keep fit and healthy.


In our Computing lessons we have been learning how to code, how to stay safe online and how to use different features whilst on the internet, such as e-mail.


We incorporated our History lessons into learning all about e-mail and we were able to send an e-mail to a computer version of Neil Armstrong!

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In History this term we have been learning all about explorers. We have focused on Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus.


We have been doing lots of work around Neil Armstrong in our English lessons too and we even wrote a report on his Apollo 11 mission. We have really enjoyed learning about Neil Armstrong and we have been fascinated by his mission to the moon and know how significant this achievement was at the time.


Similarly, we know how significant Christopher Columbus' journey to America was. Although he didn't discover America, nobody in Europe knew it existed! He introduced them to new people, cultures and food. Can you believe people in Europe had never tried a potato or tomato before 1492!?

Autumn Term


In Geography this term we learnt all about the continents and oceans of the world. We looked in more detail at the continent of Africa, in particular Kenya, and compared this to England.


We researched different African animals and discussed how they are similar and different to animals we might find in Europe. We also thought about why different animals live in different placed which linked to our Science topic. Each group researched a different animal and presented what they found to the rest of the class.


Additionally, we compared a day in the life of a child in Nairobi to a child in Liverpool and discussed what was similar and different about their days.

Researching and Presenting

Researching and Presenting 1
Researching and Presenting 2
Researching and Presenting 3
Researching and Presenting 4
Researching and Presenting 5
Researching and Presenting 6



During our History lessons, we have been learning all about significant people and why they are significant.


We learnt all about The Beatles and the 60s. We thought about what people might eat and drink at a party in the 60s compared to what they might eat and drink now.


We learnt lots of amazing things about the Beatles and found out that they were so famous that people actually suffered from Beatlemania! We also make some amazing home-school projects that linked to this topic.


Design & Technology


In Design and Technology we have been busy making lots of different things!


Along with the rest of the school, we participated in 'The Great Christ Church Bake Off' where we designed and made an amazing Yellow Submarine cake based on our History topic.


We had great fun drawing different designs for a cake based around The Beatles and we had even more fun weighing out and mixing all the ingredients together to make the sponge cake!

Picture 1

We also made some Christmas themed treats out of Rice Krispies, chocolate and marshmallows which were as much fun to eat as they were to make!


In addition to that, Rudolph set us a challenge. He wanted us to create a Christmas tree decoration that looked like him! We looked at lots of different designs and then we drew and labelled our own designs before making it. We had to remember what the specification was so that our design matched what Rudolph was looking for.


Pop Art


We were very lucky to have Mrs Lyons come in and do some Pop Art with us this term. We learnt all about what Pop Art is and created lovely mind maps to show what we were learning about.


We learnt how to draw a realistic eye and practised using tone. We created eyes out of cardboard pieces and then used them to do rubbings and printings.



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Living Things and their Habitats


At the start of this topic we learnt how to tell if something is living, dead or had never been alive. We found out that living things breathe, move, reproduce, sense things, grow, eat and  excrete (go to the toilet!).


After that we looked at where different animals live and learnt that where they live is called a habitat. We went on a nature walk to discover what animal habitats there were around school.

Animal habitats around schoool

Animal habitats around schoool 1
Animal habitats around schoool 2



In Science we learnt all about materials and their properties. We spoke about why different materials are useful for different things.


Amazingly, we got a request from Humpty Dumpty asking us to make him something to protect him from a fall. In groups we tested all kinds of different materials and made a jacket for Humpty Dumpty. We then wrapped our jacket around an egg to see which material would protect Humpty Dumpty the most.