Christ Church CofE Primary School

together we can...



This term we have been practising logging on to our Purple Mash accounts and replying to e-mails that have been sent from Little Red Riding Hood! We had to use the laptops to create a picture and attach it to an e-mail to reply to her.


This term we are enjoying learning all about life in the 1960s.  We have been listening to music from that time and comparing what a birthday party in the 1960s would be like with our own birthday parties. We even learnt a dance move from the 60s...the Twist!


 We also looked at  how the way we listen to music has changed throughout the decades and enjoyed listening to a record on a record player.  Our favourite part of this topic is learning all about The Beatles.  We looked at how their music and their fashion has changed over the years and particularly enjoyed learning Yellow Submarine.

Take a look at some of our fantastic home-school projects.



This half-term we have been enjoying the Great Christ Church Bake Off.  We worked together as a team to produce our final 'Show Stopper'


You are looking at the winners of the Christ Church Bake Off 2019! Well done 2K!

​​​​​​We have also been researching, designing and making our own biscuits for the Mad Hatters tea party.  The best part had to be tasting lots of different biscuits in order to find out which would be most suitable for us to use!  We researched current designs, then designed and made our own biscuits. Delicious!



We have been reflecting on the stories of Jesus and how they show what a special friend he is.  We enjoyed retelling the story of the 10 Lepers and thinking about how important it is to say thank you.

During our Islam week we enjoyed learning all about a different religion and looking at the similarities with our own.  We even got to have a closer look at some of the artefacts we might find in a Mosque, such as; a prayer mat, prayer beads, as Qur'an and a rehal.