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Spring Term




If your child is singing about wanting to be in a band then this explains it.  This term we are enjoying 'rocking out' and learning to sing 'I wanna be in a band'  As always, we are developing our knowledge of pitch and pulse to help us sing the song.

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In Science this term we are learning all about animals including humans.


We are looking at animal babies and how they grow and also how humans change as they grow.

We are also beginning to understand how important it is for humans and animals to eat a balanced diet and exercise to keep fit and healthy.


In our Computing lessons we have been learning how to code, how to stay safe online and how to use different features whilst on the internet, such as e-mail.


We incorporated our History lessons into learning all about e-mail and we were able to send an e-mail to a computer version of Neil Armstrong!

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In History this term we are learning all about famous explorers and the contributions they have made to our world.  We enjoyed creating news reports and fact files all about Neil Armstrong and particularly watching videos of his famous moon landing.


We have also enjoyed discovering more about the perilous journey that Christopher Columbus took when exploring the 'New World.'  We wrote a message in a bottle to the Queen of Spain to tell her all about our new discoveries and to describe the conditions on board the boat.



This week we have been enjoying our preparations for the Great Christ Church Bake Off.  We designed and made our own cakes especially for the Big, Bad Wolf and worked together as a team to produce our final 'Show Stopper' 



We have been reflecting on the stories of Jesus and how they show what a special friend he is.  We enjoyed retelling the story of the 10 Lepers and thinking about how important it is to say thank you.



We were very lucky to work with Mrs Lyons who came to our school to help us develop our art skills.  We practised how to use line and tone to create an image, which we then replicated onto cardboard.  We then used rubbing and printing to create different copies of the eye.