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Autumn Term


This term we are enjoying learning all about how the way that we listen to music has changed throughout the decades and enjoyed listening to a record on a record player.  We have been adding different ways of listening to music on a timeline as well as different artists from different decades. We are looking forward to looking more in depth at The Beatles, exploring their music, fashion as well as their successes.

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This term in D.T we have been exploring different fruit and vegetables. We have been identifying where different fruit and vegetables come from as well as using a range of vocabulary to describe the appearance, texture and taste of different fruits. We have taken part in fruit tasting to identify which fruits we like or dislike in order to inform us when making our own fruit salad.




We have been reflecting on the stories of Jesus and how they show what a special friend he is.  We have been enjoying retelling and reflecting on different Bible stories such as, the story of the 10 Lepers and Jesus' special friends.


During our PSHE sessions we have been exploring ourselves. We have been thinking about what makes us worries as well as the importance of the responsibilities which we have to uphold. 

Positive and negative choices?


This term we have been exploring different artistic techniques such as shading and blending. We have been exploring the different tones that we can use when sketching to create more realistic drawings. We have been focussing closely on sketching different parts of our face in preparation to create our own self portrait. We are also very excited to be exploring pop art later on in the term.


This term in Science we are building on our knowledge of everyday materials from Year 1. We have been identifying different materials as well as describing their properties in order to identify their suitable when using these materials to make different objects.


This term we are exploring the Hands, Face, Feet scheme of work on Churranga. We will be finding the pulse when listening to a range of different songs as well as exploring how we can use our voices to change our pitch when singing. We will then explore the xylophones to play the melody for Hands, Face, Feet as well as improvise to try and create our own melody.