Christ Church CofE Primary School

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Autumn Term


Throughout the year we will be learning about the four seasons and we will be observing the changes that we see. We will be starting with Autumn, we will be discussing the weather and we will talk about what clothes we need to wear during the season. We will be going on an Autumn walk around school to spot the signs of Autumn and collect items for our winter artwork based around the works of the artist Andy Goldsworthy.   

During our RE lessons we will be discussing our class value, thankfulness. We will be talking about what we are thankful to God for and why. Then we will be learning about how Christians celebrate the harvest. We will be tasting different harvest vegetables and making a harvest soup. 

Our History topic this half term is; ‘How does life change over time?’ We will be talking about how our lives have changed since we were born and how others lives have changed over time. We will be discovering how our lives now are different to others who lived in the past and we will be developing our vocabulary surrounding the passing of time. 


We will be having a themed day on 23rd October, ’a day in the life of a Victorian school child’. The children can come to school dressed as a Victorian child, we will have a range of activities throughout the day for the children to experience and make comparisons with what school is like now compared to in the past.