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Our current science topic is 'Living Things and Their Habitats'

We have been revisiting how things such as: plants, animals and non-living objects are categorised. We have looked at some workings from Aristotle and Linnaeus, who introduced the idea of the five kingdoms. Have a look at our knowledge organiser to see what we'll be learning and to see what our home-school projects are for this topic!





In R.E this term, we have been looking at journeys. We have looked at our life journey so far and we have also looked at the life of significant people in history, such as Mother Teresa. We have looked at Pilgrimages and why people visit various places around the world.  


Multi Faith Week - A visit from Imran

Our Class Value


Our class value in Year Six is: Hope.

We have been talking about what it means to hope for something and we have written down our own hopes, dreams and ambitions for the future.