Christ Church CofE Primary School

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This term we will be studying 'The Victorians' as our history topic. We will be looking at how our lives differ from children in the Victorian era, and we will think about workhouses and conditions. We will be researching the life of Queen Victoria and think about how her reign has had and impact on our lives today.  




We have been looking at journeys in R.E this half term and we have considered why going on a pilgrimage is important to Christians. 

We were also lucky enough to have a visitor come to school and speak to us about Islam. He spoke to us about the pilgrimage Muslims go on at least once in their life time and how important that special journey is to them. 



In Science, we have started with the topic 'Living Thing and Their Habitats' and we have been looking at the different characteristics animals have and how that helps them to be grouped together into Linnaeus' Five Kingdoms. We will be looking at how animals have evolved to suit their habitats and how and why we classify animals.






We will be starting our Geography topic later on this term and we are going to be looking at Trade and Economics.