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Religious Education

Our class value is Compassion.  In our R.E lessons, we have been looking at and learning about The Bible and The Torah, which is the holy book in Judaism. After learning about the different Nativity stories in the Bible, we are now learning about why the Exodus is important to both Jews and Christians. We learnt a lot about Moses by watching the film, 'Prince of Egypt'.

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During our topic of 'Animals Including Humans' we looked at human development and the pupils even looked at their own growth charts.

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For our 'Earth and Space' topic, pupils made excellent models of our solar system for theor homework.


We began our topic, 'Would you like to be 'Born in the USA'?' by holding a Thanksgiving celebration. We dressed up in American-style clothing, ate a turkey dinner and welcomed visitors with connections to the USA.

For our 'Rainforests' topic we are learning about why Rainforests need to be conserved and we met some Rainforest animals.


Our topic is, 'Were the Anglo Saxons Really Smashing?' We discussed why invaders and settlers might want to come to a new land and whether we would let them in to our area. We decided we would fight them off!

We started our topic 'Were the Tudors really so Terrible?' with a visit to Speke Hall.

Design and Technology

We designed, made and decorated Anglo Saxon style flapjack. It was delicious!