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Autumn Term

Science and History Trip - Liverpool World Museum


On Monday 28th September 2016 Year 3 visited the Liverpool World Museum for a fantastic trip to learn more about our Science topic - Rocks, and our History topic - The Stone Age.

We split the day in two and spent half of it focusing on rocks and the other half travelling through the Stone Age. There was lots of interesting artefacts and specimens to read, look at and handle in the museum.


We had two hands-on workshops booked for the day. 3L started by looking at lots of interesting and unique rocks which we were able to explore with our hands. The man taught us about how the rocks were formed and interesting facts about fossils. Our favourite part of this workshop was when we passed a mysterious fossil down two lines in a race. It wasn't until the end that the man revealed to us that we had actually been touching fossilised poo! Ew!
Take a flick through the photos below and you can see our faces at the very moment he told us what we had really been holding.

After lunch we enjoyed an interesting workshop that offered us the unique opportunity to touch real and replica objects linked to the Stone Age period. We had lots of fun getting to try on animal skins, using Stone Age utensils and learning about life in the Stone Age times.

Look at our photos to see how well we would fit in with the Stone Age people.


Overall, we had a very entertaining trip to the World Museum and it helped us learn lots about our current Science and History topics in a very engaging way.