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Welcome to 1K. Your teacher is Miss Kent.





Please scroll down this page to look at all the exciting things we have been doing this year!

As part of our Geography field work we have carried out a transport survey, investigating what forms of transport are most popular in our local area.  We will use this information to create pictograms in school.

Local Area Walk - January 2015


As an introduction to our Geography topic, we went on a little walk to discover all the different features of our local area.  We talked about the different types of houses we could see, what buildings may be used for, what sort of transport people use and we even discussed the difference between natural and man-made materials.

We have been practising writing our addresses and sent a letter home to ourselves.  We enjoyed walking to the post box and posting them! Did you get yours?

The Secret of Christmas.


We went on a very exciting trip to discover the secret of Christmas! We started in St George's Hall, where we became scientists and were led on an exciting journey all around this iconic building.  What is the secret of Christmas? Is it the presents? The carols? The trees? or something else......

We then moved on to the Liverpool Cathedral for a guided tour around this breath-taking building.

History Day! - November


In Year 1 we were exploring what life would have been like in the past.  We enjoyed examining artefacts and discussing what they could have been used for.  We particularly enjoyed looking at the music from The Beatles! To celebrate our achievements we had a whole school fashion show with each class dressing up from the era they had been studying. Year 1 looked fantastic  in fashion from the sixties!