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Singapore Maths

Autumn Term

In Year 3 we have started using a new approach to learning Maths called Singapore Maths. This is a great way to learn a variety of methods to help solve any mathematical problems we are given. It gives us the opportunity to become more independent learners and have the confidence to overcome any challenges we come across. We use lots of apparatus to help us understand new concepts then when we are more confident, we are able to move away from apparatus and use pictures to help us.


Spring Term

This term we have been learning different methods to multiply and divide single digit numbers. Now we are more confident with this, we are moving onto using those methods to help us multiply and divide with 2-digit numbers. Also this term we will be learning about measure and solving problems including volume, mass and length.

Summer Term

During this term, we have been learning about measuring weight and volume. This has given us lots of opportunities to use our addition and subtraction methods which we learnt earlier in the year. The rest of the summer term we will be solving problems involving money, fractions, shapes and data handling.