Christ Church CofE Primary School

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Maths No Problem!

Y3 have been completing work on place value of 3-digit numbers, addition and subtraction.


We are exploring various methods to help with addition and subtraction which include using Multibase, pictorial representation (pictures of Multibase), number lines/squares, grid method and column addition and subtraction. Problem solving is completed throughout the term, too.


We are following the Maths No Problem scheme and children enjoy working in their new workbooks.

Spring- Maths

Children have completed work about multiplication and division. As usual, they are encouraged to discuss and show their chosen, written methods. Also, children have solved worded problems relating to multiplication and division.


As well as multiplication and division, children have completed work on length (measuring in cm, m, km and conversion of these units), mass (g, kg and conversion of these units) and are currently completing work on capacity.


Problem solving related to all Maths topics is completed on a regular basis.

Working together in Maths

Working together in Maths 1
Working together in Maths 2
Working together in Maths 3
Working together in Maths 4

Summer Term A

We are learning to tell 12 hour  time on both analogue and digital clocks. 

Children have enjoyed using their individual clocks to set times to o'clock, half past, quarter past/to times as well as 5 minute intervals and 1 minute intervals.