Christ Church CofE Primary School

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Summer Term


This term we have been learning how to find a fraction of a shape and a number. This has been quite tricky but we've found lots of different methods to help us.


We have also been working hard on consolidating our addition, subtraction, multiplication and division methods by doing lots of arithmetic!

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Spring Term


We are racing ahead with our maths in 2L. We've learnt how to add, subtract, multiply and divide using various different methods.


We've also learnt all about odd and even numbers, how to measure length and mass and how to read pictograms.


Now we are bringing all the skills we've learnt together to answer some tricky problems!


Mass and Length

Mass and Length 1
Mass and Length 2
Mass and Length 3

Autumn Term


Addition and Subtraction


This term the children in 2L are working really hard to learn how to do addition and subtraction using the Maths No Problem approach.


They are learning lots of different methods including the box method and the column method! To be able to do these methods, the children also had to learn how to partition 2-digit numbers into tens and ones.

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