Christ Church CofE Primary School

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Summer Term

This term we are learning how to read, write and understand decimals. We’ve learnt about the different place values for numbers after the decimal point and have explored ordering and comparing decimals. We’ve used lots of maths equipment to help us understand better. 

Spring Term

This half term we’ve been learning how to carry out more formal written methods for division and multiplication. Take a look at some of our strategies and methods below. 

Autumn Term

In 4D we love using the Maths No Problem scheme for our maths lessons. It’s a very hands on, practical and fun approach to maths. This term we’ve been looking at Place Value and Addition and Subtraction within 10,000. Have a look at the photos to see us enjoying our maths lessons. 

Writing numbers in words

Enjoying some maths games on No Pens Day Wednesday

Column Subtraction