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Summer 1


This term we will be using addition and subtraction to solve simple problems. We will be doubling and halving ladybird spots and sharing between 2 and 3 people and insects.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Spring 2

This term we are learning all about money. We have a shop in our classroom where we can spend, spend, spend!!!

Spring 1

 We have been learning to subtract from 10.

Picture 1 take away
Picture 2 feeding the pets the right amounts
Picture 3 careful counting
Picture 4 counting back

Autumn 2 

This term we have been learning to add two groups of numbers to find a total. We used bones to feed the dogs the correct amount of food.

Picture 1 Put the bones in the tray
Picture 2 Add the next group
Picture 3 Count them altogether
Picture 4 Find the total