Christ Church CofE Primary School

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Autumn Term - This term we are learning all about numbers to 10. We will be recognising and ordering numbers as well as finding amounts one more and one less than a number. We will be counting out amounts to 10 and counting forwards and backwards to 20. We will be exploring 2D shapes when making pictures and models.
Picture 1 Ordering skeletons from 0 - 10
Picture 2 Matching numbers and objects
Picture 3 Exploring shape and pattern
Picture 4 Ordering owl babies along a branch
Spring Term - This term we will be counting out beyond 10. We will be using different strategies to add and subtract within 10. We will be comparing weight and height as well as finding out about capacity. We will be exploring 3D shapes and using them to build and make models.
Picture 1 using pegs to add 2 groups together
Picture 2 comparing and ordering weight from light to heavy
Picture 3 exploring heavy and light with our classmates
Picture 4 exploring full, empty and half full
Summer Term - This term we will be learning about time and position. We will be learning to double and halve and to solve problems using our mathematical skills.
Picture 1 Painting half of a butterfly
Picture 2 making symmetrical patterns
Picture 3 colour mixing and making the pattern double
Picture 1 doubling ladybird spots
Picture 2 Double six is 6+6
Picture 3 Double is the same as adding the same two numbers