Christ Church CofE Primary School

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Extra Curriculum

Autumn Term


Handwashing 1 Washing our hands front and back
Handwashing 2 Looking for germs
Handwashing 3 Learning how to stay healthy

Martin Mere

Martin Mere 1 were on our way
Martin Mere 2 feeding the ducks
Martin Mere 3 looking closely at beaks and feathers
Martin Mere 4 learning about migration
Martin Mere 5 oooooooh pink flamingos
Martin Mere 6 more food for the birds
Martin Mere 7 were all having fun
Martin Mere 8 how close will they get
Spring Term
Elmer Day
Picture 1 we made Elmer masks for the parade
Picture 2 we made musical instruments for the parade
Picture 3 we danced to elephant themed music
Picture 4 we had lots of fun
Picture 5 we moved like elephants
Picture 6 we did an Elmer Parade all around school
Picture 7 we had an Elmer picnic
Picture 8 we made Elmer themed musical instruments
Picture 9 we made Elmer elephants from recycled milk cartons
Chinese New Year
A visit from the vet
Picture 1 we learned how to use a stethescope
Picture 2 we bandaged the dogs sore paws
Picture 3 we learned all about being a vet
Picture 4 we listened very carefully to Laura the vet
Snow Day
Picture 1 we made a snowman and called him Sid
Picture 2 we explored the feel of snow
Picture 3 we listened to the sound snow makes
Picture 4 we all helped to build Sid
Summer Term - This term we have had a crazy hair day to raise money for charity. We raised £450 for Unicef, Jospice and the RSPCA.
Picture 1 Well done!! Reception's crazy hair winner
Picture 2 We had fun with our crazy hairstyles
Picture 3 We learned a song about Crazy Hair Day. It was fun