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Extra Curricular

Crazy Hair Day


This term our school held a 'Crazy Hair Day' to raise money for various charities. We loved being able to come to school showing off our wonderful creations. We also loved the cake sale which helped us raise lots of money for charity.  

Safer Internet Day


On Safer Internet Day, we invited our parents in to help us learn all about keeping safe on the internet. We read a story about how sometimes posting things online can have negative results and hurt people's feelings.


To show what we had learnt during our safer internet morning, we created a helping hand with a slogan to remind us how to stay safe on the internet.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Australia Day


As we were learning all about Australia in Geography, we had an Australian themed day in school.


We all dressed up in fabulous costumes and did different exciting activities throughout the day. First, we painted using dots, just like in aboriginal paintings. We really enjoyed using this technique to create beautiful artwork featuring Australian animals.


After that we had a bush-tucker trail. We ate lots of different foods that were disguised as various critters to see who was brave enough to try them. Some were disgusting, but some foods were surprisingly yummy!

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Picture 2
Picture 3
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Poetry Day


This year we celebrated National Poetry day by performing a poem using the green screen to change the background.


Our poem was 'The Treasures' by Clare Bevan. We loved learning and reciting this poem and we especially enjoyed watching our performance back and seeing how standing in front of the green screen allowed Miss Leonard to change the background so that it looked like we were swimming with the dolphins and standing in an enchanted forest.


We also created our own class poem based on National Poetry's theme of 'Freedom'. We thought of some fabulous ideas and really considered what freedom meant to us. We especially enjoyed making up some super similes for our poem!

The Green Screen

The Green Screen 1
The Green Screen 2

2L's Freedom Poem