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Our Trip to Martin Mere


1S all really enjoyed visiting Martin Mere this term! As we have been learning about plants and animals we were keen to explore the outdoors and see what we could find. We had a walk around the different areas spotting lots of different birds including flamingos, white storks and a lot of ducks! We even fed them their favourite lunch - seeds!


After we had our own lunch, we headed off for some pond dipping. We dipped our nets into the pond habitats and were surprised to see how many different creatures we found living in them. We found snails, damselfly nymphs, dragonfly nymphs, water boatman and leeches to name a few!


Next we had another walk around the park and spotted some playful little otters in their habitat. After a play in the wooden teepees, we headed back to the bus and set off home. What a wonderful day!


Check out some photos from our visit...

Our Class Assembly!


We performed a class assembly all about Thankfulness. In preparation, we thought about the things we are thankful for and painted pictures of these things to show to the rest of the school. Some of us were even actors and performed a story from the Bible about being thankful. We were very busy and performed our assembly twice in one day for infants and juniors!

We are bucket fillers!

Our class have been working with Miss Harvey on being bucket fillers. Based on the book 'Have You Filled a Bucket Today?' by Carol McCloud, we have been filling each other's buckets by being kind, helpful and caring.

As a special treat for being such excellent bucket fillers, Miss Harvey arranged a visit from the Lounge Room Lizards. We were joined by some interesting creatures including snakes, tortoises, a cute little monkey and a huge lizard!

Health Day

We all really enjoyed our Health Day at the end of January, taking part in lots of healthy themed activities. We tasted lots of fresh fruit including strawberries, apricots, pineapple and blueberries….mmmm….!

We learnt about keeping our teeth clean and having good dental health. Stephanie and Vickie came into our class to talk to us about how to clean our teeth effectively and what to eat and drink for healthy teeth.

We had a relaxing meditation and yoga session with Mrs McCormack.

We also did experiments to find out about how germs are transferred and how we should wash our hands with warm soapy water to stop germs spreading.