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Spring Term

Spring Term 1

Mr Gum!


In English this term we have been reading the great book called Mr Gum. This book is about a grumpy, despicable man who just lounges around all day doing nothing until one day a mischievous dog comes and destroys his garden which is when the story really begins! This book is a fantastic humorous book which the children love. It has given us some great ideas and purposes for our writing and given us lots of opportunities to use lots of drama including hot seating and freeze frames.   


The Story Giant 

Year 3 have been really lucky to be part of a project with the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool. The theatre invited schools from around Liverpool to take part in the project where together we planned a set of lessons based around the book 'The Story Giant' that involved lots of drama based activities. Their work involved a variety of short stories taken from the 'Story Giant' book which were all working towards writing their own short story as a class. This led to a great opportunity for the children to work with an artist who came into school to help the children use different art techniques to create a large piece of art work based on their story. At the end of the project, the children celebrated their achievements with a theatre trip to the Everyman to see the actual performance of the 'Story Giant' and their finished art work which was made into a large book and displayed in the theatre. 

Summer Term

The Abominables

This term we will be looking at the book the Abominables by Eva Ibbotson. This story is all

about the adventures of Lady Agatha and a family of endangered yetis. We will looking at the characters closely using lots of drama activities such as hot-seating to help gain a better incite. This will give us lots of different writing opportunities where we can show off our new vocabulary and skills we have learnt throughout the lessons.