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The Tear Thief


3D have enjoyed reading 'The Tear Thief' by Carol Ann Duffy. The story has beautiful illustrations and interesting vocabulary.

As well as reading the story, children have written diaries and  letters to/from The Tear Thief. Also, children have helped to write a class story, 'The Smile Stealer' and written their own poems using the story as a stimulus. As well as reading and writing in English, children complete drama activities such as 'Freeze Frame' and 'Hot Seating'.

'Poetry Day' was a success, too and children performed poetry based on the theme of 'Freedom'.

On 'No Pens Wednesday', children performed a poem called 'The Kleptomaniac' by the Liverpool poet, Roger McGough. The poem and our Philosophy for Children lesson (P4C) was a fun way to explore and express our opinions on stealing.

The last two weeks of this term, 3D will read, 'Stone Age Boy' Satoshi Kitamura to support History work on 'Stone Age People'. 3D are really enjoying this story and are completing reading and writing tasks related to this.




'Freeze Frame' of The Tear Thief by Carol Ann Duffy



Freedom is stroking little kittens.

Freedom is going to the swimming baths and cannon balling into the water.

Freedom is to never stop running.

Freedom is butterflies surrounding you.

Freedom is going to places where you want to go and doing what you want to do.

Freedom is growing a tree and looking after it.

Freedom is stroking and playing with kittens and puppies.

Freedom is reading a book.

Freedom is being relaxed.

Freedom is a star dancing and clouds drifting by.

Freedom is listening to birds singing.

Freedom is listening to calm music.

Freedom is climbing on sand dunes .

Freedom is dancing to music.

Freedom is going on holiday.

Freedom is looking at a rainbow .

Freedom is sitting under a shady tree in the hot weather.

Freedom is going out in the fresh air and swimming in my paddling pool.

Freedom is picking flowers from my garden.

Freedom is riding horses.

Freedom is running everywhere and going wherever you want.