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The Tin Forest - Helen Ward


This term in English we will be doing lots of work around 'The Tin Forest' by Helen Ward. This is a lovely story about an old man who is miserable living in a dull, tin forest but every night he dreams about a beautiful, colourful forest with lots of animals and flowers all around. We're really looking forward to reading this story to find out what happens.


In keeping with the animal theme, we've also been writing reports about our interesting pets. Some of us chose to have a tiger, leopard or giraffe as a pet, whereas others chose to make up a pet and gave them some fantastic, original features!



Author Study: Oliver Jeffers


In English we have been studying the author Oliver Jeffers.

Oliver Jeffers has written and illustrated lots of different children's books like Lost and Found, The Heart and the Bottle and The way back home.


Currently, we are engrossed in the Oliver Jeffers' book How to Catch a Star. This is a lovely story all about a boy who longs to have a star as his friend so he devises lots of different ingenious plans to try and catch a star. Unfortunately, his plans are unsuccessful until finally he finds the answer.


As a class, we thought of lots of different ideas for how to catch a star before writing our own stories. Have a look below at some of our fantastic ideas and our wonderful stories.