Christ Church CofE Primary School

together we can...


Autumn Term - We have been developing our book handling and reading skills in our lovely library.
Picture 1 Listening to stories
Picture 2 Reading with a friend
Picture 3 Sharing stories
Picture 4 Laughing and enjoying stories
During poetry day we listened to poetry and drew patterns to the rhythm on our poetry people templates
Picture 1 Round and round the garden
Picture 2 Incy Wincy Spider
No pens Wednesday
Picture 1 Writing on our friends backs
Picture 2 Making words with magnetic letters
Picture 3 Writing letter sounds in sand
Spring Term - We have been reading stories in our class reading area. We have been practising writing letter sounds, words and sentences.
Picture 1 writing sentences independently
Picture 2 exploring non fiction books in our classroom
Picture 3 reading for enjoyment
Picture 4 writing labels and captions for our models
Summer Term - This term we have been developing our reading and writing skills. We have been reading and writing sentences, making up our own stories and writing bean diaries.
Picture 1 writing about the class caterpillars
Picture 2 writing tricky words
Picture 3 writing in our bean diary
Picture 4 reading independently
Picture 5 ordering chopped up sentences
Picture 6 matching pictures and captions