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Summer Term


In science we have been learning about living things and their habitats. We have learnt how to classify and organise living things. We went on an invertebrate hunt in our nature garden and took photos of the invertebrates we found to help us make a classification tree. 
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Walk Like an Egyptian Day

Walk Like an Egyptian Day 1
As we have been learning about Egyptians in History, we had a Walk Like and Egyptian Day to celebrate all the fabulous facts we had learnt. We even welcomed a real life Egyptologist into school to help teach us even more about the Egyptians. On the day, we looked at the mummification process in detail. We investigated cutting open the body, removing the organs and dressing the body ready for the after life. Have a look at the process below. 
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Spring Term


In geography we’ve been learning about rivers. We learnt about the journey a river takes from source to sea. We also looked at some world famous rivers and researched more facts about them using iPads. We wrote a factual non-chronological report about the River Mersey and located and compared the River Mersey and River Thames. 


In science we’ve been leaning about electricity. We made some electrical circuits with wires, batteries, bulbs and Switches. We also investigated the effect of switches and cells in a circuit. We learnt about which materials are good conductors and insulators and tested some classroom objects in a circuit. 

Autumn Term


In history we’ve been learning all about the Romans. We’ve researched, designed and made our very own Roman shields. We also found about about how Rome was started through the story of Romulus and Remus. We wrote some fabulous recounts of the story and had a go at writing what we predicted happened next once Rome was built. Have a look at the photos to see our shields and writing!


In Science we’ve been looking at States of Matter. We’ve been acting out the formation of particles in the playground. Can you guess which states we are being?
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And our favourite state of matter!

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In Year 4 our class value is forgiveness. We’ve been thinking about how Jesus forgives each of us and look away our sin when he died on the cross. We made washing lines with different items of clothes to demonstrate how Jesus forgives us by washing away our sins. 

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In R.E. this term, we’ve been looking at David in the bible. We started with his life as a young shepherd boy and followed his life until he became king. We’ve spent some time acting out one of our favourite parts of his story, when he spared King Saul’s life. Here are some photos of us acting out those scenes. 


In Year 4 we are lucky to spend Monday afternoons swimming this term. We’ve also been improving our football skills in P.E.  We’re so fast it’s hard to catch us on the camera!