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Summer Term


This term we have been looking at Plants. We have enjoyed exploring the functions of the different parts of a flowering plant through various investigations. We have investigated how the amount of roots affects how much water is transported through the plant as well as how the temperature of the water affects the speed it is transported through the stem. We have loved learning about plants and Working Scientifically.

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This terms topic 'There's No Place Like Home' is all about our local area Bootle. We have been learning to use our mapping skills and used Digimaps to identify the different Human and Physical features in our area and how the land is used. We have also used OS symbols to draw our own maps.

Using Digimaps

Using Digimaps 1
Using Digimaps 2
Using Digimaps 3
Using Digimaps 4


This term we have been enjoying learning about simulations. We have used Purple Mash to  explore different simulations including 'Locked Out' and 'The Dark Side of Elpmis'. We thoroughly enjoyed becoming trainee astronauts on our final mission which was to save a stranded astronaut. We managed to save the astronaut as well as helping us evaluate what simulations are like.

Spring Term


Spring term's History topic was Ancient Greece were we have been learning about how the Greeks influenced on the world today. As the Greeks introduced the democracy to the world, we decided to role play how the Greeks  would have used their democracy to make decisions. We also learnt about how the lives of the people during that time were similar and different to our own using primary and secondary sources.

Acting out an Ancient Greek Democracy

Acting out an Ancient Greek Democracy 1
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This term's Geography is 'Why Do So Many People Go To Mediterranean Countries Such As Greece For Their Holidays?' We have enjoyed looking at the different geographical features of Greece that give this country its character, including its physical and human features. We have also investigated how its climate effects country and the people who live there. We used many different sources including different maps and photos to help us identify the features.


In Science we have been learning about Light this term and how its allows us to see and how darkness is when there is an absence of light. Throughout this topic we have used our working scientifically skills to investigate various aspects of light including 'Which materials are the most reflective?'. 

Art/ DT

This term we used our modelling skills to create and design our own Greek clay pots, selecting the appropriate tools to create the patterns on our pots. Using are knowledge of Greek pots from Ancient Greece, we designed and recreated our own Greek pots recreating the different patterns that many of the pots displayed. We also looked at collage and created our own collages of one of Greece's landscapes. 

Greek Pottery

Greek Pottery 1
Greek Pottery 2
Greek Pottery 3
Greek Pottery 4
Greek Pottery 5
Greek Pottery 6
Greek Pottery 7
Greek Pottery 8

Moulding Clay Greek Pots

A Collage of a Greek Landscape

A Collage of a Greek Landscape 1
A Collage of a Greek Landscape 2
A Collage of a Greek Landscape 3
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Autumn Term



In Science this term we have been exploring and investigating different forces including the

forces from a magnet. We used our scientific skills to investigate which surface is the best for a car to travel on. We have also thoroughly enjoyed our hands on experiments with magnets and discovering how they work.


This term our History topic is 'The Stone Age'. It has been great fun getting to know the different facts about how they lived and how things have changed over that period of time. We even used freeze frames to show what we had learnt about the sorts of jobs the people were expected to do back then. Take a look and see how different things were back then!


In year 3 we are very lucky as we are given the opportunity to learn how to play the drums. Each week we learn new techniques then put these together to create new songs. It has been great fun and we are improving week by week! Take a listen. What d0 you think?

3H Drumming

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Art / DT

In Art and DT we have enjoyed using many different mediums and equipment to produce some great finish products. We have used our sketch books to plan and evaluate our work. For lots of our Art, we have tried to make cross-curricular links to other subjects including History and English.

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