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The Beatles

This term we are learning all about the swinging sixties, in particular The Beatles!

So far we have learnt all about what kind of music people would be listening to in the 60s and what kind of clothes they would wear. We're really enjoying listening to The Beatles' songs and learning some 60s dance moves!


Check out the video of us singing to 'Yellow Submarine' by The Beatles!


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History: Captain James Cook


This term we are learning all about the adventures of Captain James Cook.

So far, we have learnt that Captain Cook was an English explorer who, whilst sailing a ship called the Endeavour, discovered the continent of Australia.


We have really enjoyed using the iPads to research Captain Cook and we are currently working on writing a report to let everybody else know the achievements of the great explorer.


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Geography - Australia


This term, our Geography topic links to our History. As we are learning about how Captain James Cook discovered Australia in 1770, we are also learning about the continent of Australia.


Initially, we spoke about what we already knew about Australia and then we thought about what we'd like to find out. We wanted to know different things such as 'What's the weather like in Australia?' and 'What kind of animals do you have in Australia?' But before we could find out the answers to those questions we needed to understand a little bit more about where the continent of Australia is so we labelled a map of the world, showing the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world.


After that we looked at the geography of Australia itself. So far we have learnt about the states of Australia and we have looked at natural and man-made features.


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