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Building on last term when we learnt about different places in the world, in Geography this term we're learning all about the U.K. We're learning how to locate places on a map using compass directions as well as locational and directional language when describing features and routes.


We're really enjoying learning about the U.K and discovering all about the 4 different counties and significant places in the U.K.




Animals Including Humans


We have really enjoyed our science topic of animals including humans. We've learnt lots of interesting things such as the basic needs of animals including humans and what different animal babies are called. We also learnt how to keep healthy by exercising and eating a balanced diet.


When we started our topic, we went on a nature walk to our Nature Garden to have a look at different habitats. We wanted to find out why different animals live in different places. We learnt that it was because different animals need different things to keep them safe, healthy and happy.


We also conducted an experiment during this topic all about how humans grown. Our investigation question was 'Do humans get faster as they grow?' We enlisted the help of some Year 6 children to help us find the answer. We set little challenges to test the speed of our brains and bodies to see if we get faster as we grow. We then studied our results and discovered that because our legs get longer and our muscles get bigger as we grow, then we get should faster.

Year 2 vs Year 6

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During our History lessons, we have been learning all about significant people and why they are significant.


We started off by sorting significant people into categories. This helped us to recognise reasons for why some people are significant. Some of the reasons were that they'd made a positive impact on people's lives, or that they made a discovery that made the world a better place.


We then started dig deeper. We looked at Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong and Edmund Hillary in some detail. We learnt lots of interesting facts about each of the men and we learnt why these explorers are significant people from our past.


We wrote a message in a bottle as if we were Christopher Columbus, telling the Queen of Spain all about our discovery. We created a timeline of Neil Armstrong so that we understood the events that led up to him becoming the first man to step on the moon. And we completed a comprehension about Sir Edmund Hillary and learnt lots of interesting fac6ts, such as he was knighted by the Queen for being the first man to climb Mount Everest.

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The Church


In R.E this term we have been looking at special places within religion. First, we thought about our own special places and where they might be. We discussed why they were special to us and how they made us feel. We then looked at a Christian church and thought about why the church is a special place to Christians. We also looked at mosques and thought about why a mosque is a special place to Muslims.

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Autumn Term


Andy Goldsworthy


During our art lessons we have been learning all about Andy Goldsworthy and the amazing land sculptures he creates. 


Using Andy Goldsworthy as our inspiration, we created some lovely, natural collages using just leaves that we collected from outside. We found it quite difficult to create images using just leaves but eventually we got the hang of using the different colours and shapes of the autumn leaves to create lovely patterns.

Leaf collage

Leaf collage 1
Leaf collage 2
Leaf collage 3
Leaf collage 4




In Science we have been learning all about materials and their properties.


We went on a material walk to discover what uses different materials had. We had great fun doing this but it also helped us to learn a lot. We discussed why differ not materials are suited for making different things, for example, we decided that a bench might be wooden because wood is a strong material. However, we thought plastic or metal might be  better materials to make a bench out of as they are waterproof and so can be wiped dry if it rains.



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The Titanic


This we are learning all about the Titanic.

We've really enjoyed this topic and have loved learning all about this incredible, gargantuan ship.


2L have discovered lots of interesting facts about the Titanic. We looked at the design of the ship and learnt all about J Bruce Ismay - we even had a go at designing and making our own Titanic ships out of Lego!


We have also learnt a little bit about some of the passengers on board the ship and created fact files for some of them. We looked at the different classes and decided we'd love to have stayed in first class because of how sumptuous the food is. Third class however wasn't so appealing because they had toilets next to their pillows! So we thought it would probably have ben very smelly.


We also did a P4C lesson about the Titanic. We thought about the first lifeboat that was launched with spare seats. We discussed what we would do in the same situation.

Lego Titanics

Lego Titanics 1
Lego Titanics 2
Lego Titanics 3


P4C 1
P4C 2
P4C 3