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Spring Term



In PSHE we have been discussing what makes a good friend.  We developed our own recipe for friendship and became head chef to mix together all the ingredients.

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This term in Geography we are developing our atlas skills.  We used an atlas to label the countries of the United Kingdom and their capital cities, as well as draw their flags.  We enjoyed looking at our atlases, they even told us more information about space!



This term we have enjoyed learning all about significant people who have changed our world.  We have especially enjoyed learning all about the exciting adventures of Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. We compared their missions and discussed why they were so significant.



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We looked at a variety of significant people and discussed what made them significant.

Autumn Term

In Geography this term we have been learning all about the world we live in.  We have been practising a catchy little song to help us remember all of the continents in the world!


We have also been comparing what it is like for a child living in our city and a child living in Australia (Sydney) and Africa (Nairobi)


We were very excited to write a letter to a child in Australia to ask them all about what their lives are like....keep checking back for our replies!


We celebrated the end of our Australia topic with a fun-filled Australia day!  We looked at aboriginal artwork, made our own didgeridoo's and dressed up as Australian animals.



Seven Continents Song

A song to help kids learn the 7 continents in order from largest to smallest. Subscribe! ➜ Support Hopscotch on Patreon!

In Science we have been exploring objects and the materials they are made from.  We went on a materials hunt around school to see just how many different materials are used in our every day life.

This term we are enjoying studying the Titanic in History.  We have been exploring the differences between the passengers and what they could expect to see on board.  


We created our own versions of the Titanic out of lego and during a Philosophy 4 Children we discussed who would have made it onto a lifeboat and asked the question 'Should you go back if there is space in your life boat?'