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Summer Term

We are really excited about our Summer Term in 1S and have lots of fun and exciting learning opportunities to explore along the way. In Science we will be learning about plants. We will explore the different parts of a plant and their uses as well as understand what plants need to grow by planting our own bean and watching it grow. We will also explore a range of common garden and wild plants and see if we can find any of these around the school grounds. 


During our History lessons we will be exploring the history of our local area, Bootle. We will be using a range of different sources to compare the differences between the past and the present. We will create a timeline to order different significant events as well as explain how different areas have changed over time. We will also be exploring our local area in our Geography lessons this term. We will be exploring our school grounds and identifying what we can see, what we like or don't like and what we can do to improve it. We will be using a range of different sources such as atlas', maps and Digimaps to locate different places around our local area as well as across the 5 countries that make up the UK.


Following on from our learning in our English lessons, we will be making our own Bog Baby during our Art lessons using clay, acrylic paints and other materials. During RE we will be exploring a range of different bible stories. We will use a range of different ways to explore the stories such as role play, songs, story sequencing and hot seating.

Observational drawings

Today we have been learning about Barbara Hepworth and her famous sculptures. We have been busy using our sketching skills to carry out observational drawings of different objects today in class. We have also looked at a range of different sculptures that Barbara Hepworth has made and talked about what we can see, what we like and don't like and how they make us feel. We used a variety of different pictures and information to create a page about Barbara Hepworth in our sketch books.

Making clay Bog Babies

Today in 1S we have been busy making our own Bog Babies. First we use plasticine to practise the skill of  manipulating different materials and exploring the different shapes and techniques that we can use to make our Bog Babies. We then used clay to make our final model of our Bog Baby.

Visit from Mrs Williams

Visit from Mrs Williams 1
Today we had a visit from Mrs Williams as part of our History topic, Bootle. We asked her lots of questions about what Bootle was like in the past. Mrs Williams talked about what our school was like in the past as well as the area surrounding school. We thought of some great questions and found out lots of interesting facts about Bootle in the past.

Spring Term

We have had a great Spring term in 1S and have really enjoyed our learning across the curriculum. In Geography we explored hot and cold places in the world in relation to the equator. We compared different aspects of hot and cold climates, such as the weather, the animals that live there as well as the general features of these environments. During our History lessons we explored the story of Grace Darling. We learnt about her life in the past and compared it to our lives now, focusing on the clothes that she wore, her hobbies as well as where she lived.


In our RE lessons we discussed the different places that we belong to. We learnt how the church welcomes us through the baptism ceremony and explored the different symbols which are used and their meanings. We really enjoy using role play to understand what happens during a baptism ceremony.


Acting out a baptism ceremony

Also during RE we have enjoyed learning about the Easter story. We used role play to understand the different parts of the Easter story  as well as sequenced pictures to retell the key events. We also went on an Easter journey around school where we explored the different stages of the Easter story in an interactive and reflective way. 

In Science we explored everyday materials. We discussed what a material is as well as explored the different materials that we have around the classroom through a material hunt. We explored the properties of different materials and sorted them by what material they are made out of and their properties. 

Sorting materials and describing their properties.

We really enjoyed planning and carrying out a simple test using the materials that we found around the classroom. We tested whether the different items were waterproof or not.

Are the materials waterproof or not?

During our Science lessons during Spring 2 we have enjoyed learning about different animals including humans. We explored the different body parts of humans and also explored how we find out about the world using our 5 senses. We named lots of common animals and sorted them by what they eat, how they move and what they look like.

Sorting animals by what they eat

Throughout the Spring term we have been observing the weather in order to see the changes across the different seasons. We went on a Winter walk to observe the signs of Winter that we could see and compared these to what we observed during the Autumn season. We also set up a weather station to help us measure the rain fall over the different seasons as well as the temperature. We have had lots of fun watching the rain fill our rain gauge and comparing it month by month.

Making our weather station

In Art we enjoyed carrying out observational drawings of tulips using oil pastels. We explored the use of smudging to enhance our pictures and reflect what we saw.

In DT we had a great time designing and making our own Stick Man. First we thought about the different materials and tools that we would need and used these to draw our own design of Stick Man. We then went on a stick hunt to gather together what we would need and then followed our designs to create our own Stick Man.

Autumn Term


We have been looking at the natural materials which Autumn has brought such as autumnal leaves, conkers and pinecones. We have sketched them and also made collages with them in the style by artist Andy Goldsworthy. We have also mixed colours to make colours of crimson, gold, orange and brown to make hand and finger prints for a season display. We also designed hearts and crosses in our RE lessons whilst reflecting on all the reasons why we are thankful to God. Check out our displays below...
We have also been discussing how Christians celebrate Harvest and visited Christ Church to see the Harvest celebrations.

Visit to Church at Harvest

We made our own special Harvest Soup from vegetables too.

Harvest Soup Making

We then tasted a range of delicious harvest fruit! Our favourite was the strawberry!

Fruit tasting