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Spring Term


Our Geography topic is 'Why can't a Meerkat live in the North Pole?' We will be exploring the different places around the world looking specifically at hot and cold areas in relation to the equator, North and South pole. We will be using a variety of artistic techniques to create a silhouette of  different animals in hot and cold climates. We will also be investigating the weather, what clothes to wear and how to survive in hot and cold climates.




Our History topic for this half term is Grace Darling. We are going to be reading the story, discussing the key events and using role play to retell the story. We will be looking back in time to the Victorian era and comparing this to our lives today. We will be creating our own timeline using events from the past, through to 2018 and ordering these chronologically. 



During our Computing lessons we will be looking at sorting and grouping different objects, shapes and colours both with i-pads and without. We will also be looking at following simple instructions to complete a task and how these specific instructions help us to succeed. 

Religious Education


Our RE topic this half term is Baptism and Easter. During our Baptism topic we will be discussing the different places that we belong to, and how we are welcomed into these places. We will continue this by looking at the different symbols of baptism and how these are used in baptism ceremonies. We will enjoy role play to act out a baptism scene using the information that we have learnt so far. During our Easter topic we will be exploring the key aspects of the Easter story in detail. We will be looking at the lead up to Easter such as Lent and discuss how Easter is an important time for Christians. We will be using a variety of role play and drama to explore these ideas. We will finish by writing a recount of the Easter story.

Acting out a baptism ceremony



During the Spring term in Science we will be exploring everyday materials and animals including humans. During our topic of everyday materials we will be discussing what a material is, as well as the many different materials that we come across everyday. We will go on a material hunt around our classroom and sort the different objects into the materials that they are made out of. We then used the objects that we found to think of words that describe the properties of the materials.  During animals including humans we will be exploring they difference between humans and animals looking at their body parts, features and unique qualities. We will categorising, classifying and sorting different animals such as herbivores, omnivores and carnivores.

Sorting animals by what they eat

Making our weather station

Sorting materials and describing their properties.

Are the materials waterproof or not?

Art & Design and Technology

In our DT lessons this half term we have been designing and making our own Stick Men. First we thought about how we were going to make a Stick Man and talked about the different materials and tools that we would need. The following lesson we gathered all of the materials and tools that we would need and went on a stick hunt to find 3 sticks to make our stick men with. Using the sticks that we found, PVA glue, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, paper and sequins, we followed our designs to create our own Stick Men.

Autumn Term


We have been looking at the natural materials which Autumn has brought such as autumnal leaves, conkers and pinecones. We have sketched them and also made collages with them in the style by artist Andy Goldsworthy. We have also mixed colours to make colours of crimson, gold, orange and brown to make hand and finger prints for a season display. We also designed hearts and crosses in our RE lessons whilst reflecting on all the reasons why we are thankful to God. Check out our displays below...
We have also been discussing how Christians celebrate Harvest and visited Christ Church to see the Harvest celebrations.

Visit to Church at Harvest

We made our own special Harvest Soup from vegetables too.

Harvest Soup Making

We then tasted a range of delicious harvest fruit! Our favourite was the strawberry!

Fruit tasting