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DT Cake Making


During last week we worked hard to make authentic Anglo Saxon flapjacks. We planned and designed the flapjacks, tasted the ingredients to decide which to use and finally made and evaluated the cake.


Here's our class shared description of the wonderful creations-


Our master cake makers present to you contrasting traditional 6th century fare. The sweet, runny honey marries with the crisp, golden oats to ensure the flapjack is the perfect texture. The succulent cranberries, plump cherries and silky chocolate combine for a sensational melt in the mouth experience. Steeped in snow like icing and decorated with sparking jewels, this eye catching dessert will leave all your senses tingling and you’ll definitely be back for another bite.

Anglo Saxons Debate


In 5W we have been considering if we would travel to Britain if we went back in time and were Anglo-Saxons. We weighed up the risks involved in staying at home and arriving in a new unknown country. It was very interesting to think about what it would be like to move somewhere new without using the internet to research the place or Tripadvisor to know where to eat. It would be a very dangerous journey and not many of us felt we would be brave enough to travel.

Science- Materials


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