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Science - Autumn B


In science, we are looking at animals including humans. We are going to be using our lessons to explore how our bodies work, especially our circulatory system.

R.E - Autumn B


In R.E this term, we have started to look at Advent. As Christians this is an important part of our lives and the Church's life in the run up to Christmas. 

We have started looking at how different candles represent different things on an advent wreath and we have also looked at Christingles (which will be an integral part of our Christmas service this year).

In Collective Worship, we love singing I Lift My Hands, Colours of Day and Forgiveness.


Topic - Autumn A


We have begun looking at 'The Victorians' in our topic this term. This links closely with our text in English - Jekyll and Hyde.

We are going to explore what life would have been like for people then, who our monarch was and what influence she had on England at the time, school life and what it meant for children who had to go to the work house.

We are really looking forward to having a Victorian Day in school at the end of this topic to share in and immerse ourselves in all we will have learnt. 

Our Class Value


Our class value in Year Six is: Hope.

We have been talking about what it means to hope for something and we have written down our own hopes, dreams and ambitions for the future.