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In Science, we have started with the topic 'Living Thing and Their Habitats' and we have been looking at the different characteristics animals have and how that helps them to be grouped together into Linnaeus' Five Kingdoms. We will be looking at how animals have evolved to suit their habitats and how and why we classify animals.




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We will be starting our Geography topic later on this term and we are going to be visiting Southport as part of our Geography topic and looking at land use, tourism and mapping skills. We are then going to link this in to coastlines and how these could change and have changed over time. We will be able to make cross-curricular links to D&T by making lighthouse structures.




In R.E this term, we have begun looking at journeys, in both our own lives, but other people through history, for example, Mother Teresa. We will be writing our own prayers and we will be allowing our knowledge of Christianity form ideas about what that looks like outside of our school.