Christ Church CofE Primary School

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Religious Education

Our class value is Compassion. We are showing compassion raising money for good causes, such as the Children's Society. In our R.E lessons, we have been looking at and learning about The Bible, Judaism and the Eucharist.

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We acted out how the disciples felt at Pentecost.


We had a fantastic time in Formby Pinewoods comparing the vegetation to that of the Amazon Rainforest. We took great delight in using our compasses to orienteer around the woods and investigated the area whilst looking at similarities and differences to that in the Amazon. Thank you for a lovely day Year 5!


We had great fun on our American Day which launched our topic 'Would you like to be 'Born in the USA'?' We dressed up in American-style clothes, watched presentations by visitors who had spent time in America, explored geographical features and experienced American food, sports and a film.


Spring term

We learnt a lot about how humans develop by observing children of different ages and their growth charts.

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Autumn term

We enjoyed a number of practical Science activities as we investigated 'Materials and their properties'.


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Our topic was, 'Why is the Islamic Civilisation around 900 AD known as the Golden Age?' We learnt a lot about how artefacts help our understanding of the past, and even wrote letters as 10th century Islamic children!

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Art and Design Technology

5SW made coconut ice and peppermint creams for the Craft Fair - Yum!


We have been enjoying a range of PE activities this year, including swimming, dance, tag rugby, athletics, cross country and rounders. We had great fun at the Dodgeball competition at Hillside High school.