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Ancient Egypt


4S are loving learning about life in ancient Egypt. We have been archaeologists, examining artefacts and asking questions to find out more information about them. We have also been studying an ancient myth about an Egyptian prince. As the papyrus roll that contained the myth was destroyed, the original ending was unfortunately lost. Instead, we have been writing our own endings for the story.


There have been lots of lovely home-school projects this half term including pyramids, mummies and secret messages written in hieroglyphs. Well done 4S!

Home-School Projects



This half term we are learning all about the Romans. We have found out about when and where the Romans conquered, looked at Roman soldiers and their armour and have designed our own Roman shields. 

Home-School Projects

Art and Design

Claude Monet - Watercolour


In art, we have been studying the impressionist artist Claude Monet and his use of watercolours. We have explored various techniques with the watercolour paints and produced our own version of his famous work, ‘The Water Lily Pond’.

Design Technology

We followed the Research, Design, Make and Evaluate model in DT to create our very own Christmas tree decorations. Our design brief was to make a decoration that would:


  • ​​​​​​​Be able to hang on a branch
  • Be stuffed with cotton
  • Include a button as part of the design
  • Bring Christmas cheer


We had to master some tricky sewing skills but we’re sure you would agree that all of our designs fitted the brief!




In science we have enjoyed exploring electricity. We used the equipment to make circuits, investigated switches and found out what materials make effective conductors and insulators.

We have also been finding out about sources of electrical energy and how it reaches our homes. It was also important to identify electrical dangers and how to use electricity safely.

Religious Education

The Easter Story



We looked closely at the Easter story and explored the themes of trust and betrayal. We put ourselves into role as Judas to understand why he chose to betray Jesus.


We also enjoyed using the Easter journey in school to reflect on each part of the story and understand why Easter is so important to us. 

God, David and the Psalms


In Religious Education this term, we have been learning about the stories of David in the Bible. We acted out the story from 1 Samuel:24, when David spares Saul.