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Summer Term



This term our topic has been ‘Living Things and their Habitats’. We have been classifying living things into different groups based on their characteristics and drawing our own classification keys.


We set out into the nature garden on an invertebrate hunt and were surprised to find so many creatures that live in our school grounds! We used classification keys to identify what we found and recorded our findings.

Classification Keys



We have been using logo this term, inputting instructions to move the on screen ‘turtle’. We have been using this to make letters and shapes.

Spring Term



We loved learning all about Ancient Egypt as our history topic. We became Egyptologists as we looked at artefacts and thought about what they could teach us about Ancient Egypt. We learned how to write in hieroglyphs, writing on our names on cartouches just like the Kings and Queens would have theirs. We found out about Tutankhamen and the discovery of his tomb. We incorporated art into our topic by making headdresses, Egyptian necklaces and completing o

observational drawings of artefacts.


Something that really captured our attention was the topic of mummification. We found out all of the gory details on how certain Ancient Egyptians were mummified and their journey to the afterlife. We even wrote our own sets of instructions explaining how it was done!


The highlight of this topic was our ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ day. Teachers and pupils in Year 4 came to school in their finest Ancient Egyptian costumes and enjoyed a full day of Egyptian fun. We were lucky to be visited by Claire, a real life Egyptologist! She taught us so many interesting things about her job and the Ancient Egyptians and even brought along an Egyptian that we had to mummify! 

Meeting the Mummy

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Removing the brains...

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Egyptian Dancing

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4S have loved learning about electricity in Science! We have used the equipment to make our own circuits with bulbs, motors and buzzers. We have investigated switches and even used our knowledge of conductors and insulators to make our own switches. 


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Autumn Term


Christmas Crafts


We have been working very hard preparing our Christmas crafts for our school crafts fair. We have been practising our sewing skills, designing beautiful Christmas cards and making some delicious, chocolatey goodies.

The Lake District


In Geography we have been studying the Lake District National Park. We have researched all about the region and it's history and about how the land is protected. We have also considered tourism in the Lake District and how it impacts the area.


We enjoyed a walk around our own local area of Bootle and compared the geographical features to those of the Lake District. 


Finally, we used what we learned throughout the topic to make our own tourism videos to encourage people to visit. Take a look at some of our videos below:

Lake District Tourism Videos

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Lake District Tourism Video

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Filming our videos with the green screen



Our first topic this year is all about the Romans. We have learned about the timeline of the Roman Empire, Gods and Goddesses, Gladiators in the Coliseum and Roman soldiers and their armour. We have even designed and made our own Roman shields.

We have also put our knowledge about Roman myths and legends into our writing. We learned the story of Romulus and Remus and how Rome first began. We put the story into our own words and produced some beautiful writing - you might even spot some of it on display around school!



Our first topic in computing was E-Safety. We have discussed and researched how to stay safe online and put the information we gathered into mind maps and posters using computer software.


Now, we are learning about spreadsheets and how we can use formulae to help us complete calculations.



Religious Education


We have been learning stories from the Bible about David. We performed the story of David sparing Saul's life through role play.