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Summer 1

This term we will be looking closely at minibeasts. We have made a wormery in our classroom and are waiting for the class caterpillars to grow and change into butterflies. We are so excited.

Picture 1 gathering our equipment
Picture 2 soil and sand
Picture 3 a layer of soil
Picture 4 a layer of sand
Picture 5 more sand and soil
Picture 6 a layer of leaves
Picture 7 a little bit of water
Picture 8 and of course some worms

Spring 2

This term we will be exploring Easter.

Spring 1

This term we have been listening to lots of stories Jesus heard. We helped to create God's wonderful world.

Picture 1 birds, bees and butterflies
Picture 2 flowers, plants and trees
Picture 3 grass, sand and sky
Picture 4 seasides and seaweed

Autumn 2

This term we have had a 'Science Day'. We had lots of fun exploring colour, static electricity, gases and dressing up as scientists.